Aaron Lennon's salary

Aaron Lennon

The professional football player Aaron Lennon plays currently for Tottenham Hotspur FC. He is linked to Tottenham Hotspur from 2004 up to 2016 as it is then when Aaron Lennon's contract terminates. It is known that Aaron Lennon has a salary of €3.393 million at Tottenham Hotspur FC. He also has a release clause that amounts to €-.

If we pay attention to the salaries of the players who play today for Tottenham Hotspur FC, footballers including Gylfi Sigurdsson and Gomes have salaries that are close to the one that Aaron Lennon has. Gylfi Sigurdsson earns €3416000 and Gomes earns €3088000 but Aaron Lennon makes €3.393M, as we mentioned before. On the other hand, if we look at the salaries given to the footballers worldwide, Aaron Lennon holds a normal salary.

Having a look at the salaries of those players who belong to the England national team, players such as Jermain Defoe or Phil Jones have the same or almost the same salary as Aaron Lennon. However, in the same national team there are other players with a higher a salary. For instance: Wayne Rooney or Frank Lampard.

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