Aldo de Nigris's salary

Aldo de Nigris

Aldo de Nigris is a professional footballer who belongs to CD Guadalajara. Aldo de Nigris will remain in the club until 2016 as he signed a contract for 2 years in 2003. It was reported that Aldo de Nigris has a salary of 1.31 million Euros. Besides, the striker has a buy-out clause of €-.

If we made a comparison between Aldo de Nigris's salary and the salaries that there are currently in his club, it could be said that Aldo de Nigris's one is in the middle. Besides, a player like Marco Fabian has an approximate salary. As far as the salaries in the world of football are concerned, Aldo de Nigris possesses a normal one in comparison.

As far as the salaries in the national team are concerned, Aldo de Nigris has a quite similar salary to footballers such as Chaco Gimenez or Sinha. It is worth highlighting other players that represent Mexico, have higher salaries than Aldo de Nigris's. It is the case of Javier Hernandez or Gerardo Torrado.

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