Aleksandar Tonev's salary

Aleksandar Tonev

The professional football player Aleksandar Tonev plays currently for Aston Villa FC. He is linked to Aston Villa from 2008 up to 2017 as it is then when Aleksandar Tonev's contract terminates. It is known that Aleksandar Tonev has a salary of €1.168 million at Aston Villa FC. He also has a release clause that amounts to €-.

If we pay attention to the salaries of the players who play today for Aston Villa FC, footballers including Benteke and Libor Kozak have salaries that are close to the one that Aleksandar Tonev has. Benteke earns €1188000 and Libor Kozak earns €300000 but Aleksandar Tonev makes €1.168M, as we mentioned before. On the other hand, if we look at the salaries given to the footballers worldwide, Aleksandar Tonev holds a high salary.

In comparison with Aleksandar Tonev's international fellows, Aleksandar Tonev's salary is at the top together with footballers like Mihaylov. On the opposite side, players like Aleksandar Tonev has one of the highest salaries in the national squad.