Andre Schurrle's salary

Andre Schurrle

At the moment, Andre Schurrle receives an annual salary of €4.932m up to 2018 as Andre Schurrle's contract expires then. His current club, Chelsea FC, bought the player in 2010 and established with the player the amount of €- as release clause in case that any other squad wanted the services of Andre Schurrle.

If we made a comparison between Andre Schurrle's salary and the salaries that there are currently in his club, it could be said that Andre Schurrle's one is at the bottom. Besides, players such as Demba Ba and Gary Cahill have approximate salaries. As far as the salaries in the world of football are concerned, Andre Schurrle possesses a small one in comparison.

As far as the salaries in the national team are concerned, Andre Schurrle has a quite similar salary to footballers such as Sami Khedira or Boateng. It is worth highlighting other players that represent Germany, have lower salaries than Andre Schurrle's. It is the case of Ron-Robert Zieler or Sydney Sam.

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