Atsuto Uchida's salary

Atsuto Uchida

FC Schalke 04 has the services of Atsuto Uchida until 2015. Atsuto Uchida moved to Schalke 04 in 2006 and the club committed to pay the player a salary of €- annually. Furthermore, if any other club wanted to buy Atsuto Uchida, they would have to pay the buy-out clause which is that of - million Euros.

Atsuto Uchida's salary is one of the lowest ones in his current club. Anthony Annan has a similar salary to Atsuto Uchida's. His salary is small if it is compared to the salaries of the professional players who currently are active in the world of football.

As far as the salaries in the national team are concerned, Atsuto Uchida has a quite similar salary to footballers like Keisuke Honda . It is worth highlighting other players that represent Japan, have higher salaries than Atsuto Uchida's. It is the case of Kagawa or Nagatomo.

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