Ben Foster's salary

Ben Foster

Today, Ben Foster is part of the West Bromwich Albion FC squad. Ben Foster joined the club based in England in 2001. He earns a €1.682 million a year as salary until 2015 as it is the year when Ben Foster's deal finalizes. He also has a buy-out clause that amounts to €- to protect the player from other clubs that want to negotiate with the current club of Ben Foster and they don't want to release him.

Currently, Ben Foster has one of the lowest salaries in his club, West Bromwich Albion FC. There are other players in the same squad that have close salaries to Ben Foster's, as for example: Jonas Olsson and Matej Vydra. Furthermore, Ben Foster has a small salary compared to the footballers who are active in the world of football.

Players such as Raheem Sterling or Jay Rodriguez have more or less the same salary as Ben Foster, who is also part of the national team. On the contrary, other footballers like Wayne Rooney or Frank Lampard have one of the biggest salaries in the national side.