Benji Lopez's salary

Benji Lopez

Today, Benji Lopez is part of the Real Salt Lake squad. Benji Lopez joined the club based in USA in 2013. He earns a €0.0259 million a year as salary until - as it is the year when Benji Lopez's deal finalizes. He also has a buy-out clause that amounts to €- to protect the player from other clubs that want to negotiate with the current club of Benji Lopez and they don't want to release him.

If we made a comparison between Benji Lopez's salary and the salaries that there are currently in his club, it could be said that Benji Lopez's one is at the bottom. Besides, players such as Eduardo Fernndez and Abdoulie Mansally have approximate salaries. As far as the salaries in the world of football are concerned, Benji Lopez possesses a small one in comparison.