Bernard's salary


Bernard is a professional footballer who belongs to FC Shakhtar Donetsk. Bernard will remain in the club until 2018 as he signed a contract for 4 years in 2010. It was reported that Bernard has a salary of 4.584 million Euros. Besides, the midfielder has a buy-out clause of €-.

If we made a comparison between Bernard's salary and the salaries that there are currently in his club, it could be said that Bernard's one is in the middle. Besides, a player like Srna has an approximate salary. As far as the salaries in the world of football are concerned, Bernard possesses a normal one in comparison.

Having a look at the salaries of those players who belong to the Brazil national team, players such as Neymar or Paulinho have the same or almost the same salary as Bernard . However, in the same national team there are other players with a lower a salary. For instance: Fred or Adriano Correia.

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