Brad Davis's salary

Brad Davis

Brad Davis has a salary of €0.195521m and has been playing for Houston Dynamo side since 2002. Brad Davis's contract expires in 2015 as the professional footballer agreed with the player a 1 year deal. On top of that, if any other club is interested in Brad Davis, they will have to pay the sum of €- in full as release clause.

Brad Davis's salary is one of the highest ones in his current club. Ricardo Clark and Omar Cummings have similar salaries to Brad Davis's. His salary is big if it is compared to the salaries of the professional players who currently are active in the world of football.

In comparison with Brad Davis's international fellows, Brad Davis's salary is at the top together with footballers such as Beckerman or Nick Rimando. On the opposite side, players like Clint Dempsey or Tim Howard have one of the highest salaries in the national squad.

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