Granqvist's salary

Andreas Granqvist

Andreas Granqvist is a professional footballer who belongs to FC Kuban Krasnodar. Granqvist will remain in the club until 2014 as he signed a contract for 1 year in 2004. It was reported that Granqvist has a salary of 0.6 million Euros. Besides, the defender has a buy-out clause of €-.

If we pay attention to the salaries of the players who play today for FC Kuban Krasnodar, footballers including Kabore and Aleksei Kozlov have salaries that are close to the one that Granqvist has. Kabore earns €1500000 and Aleksei Kozlov earns €0 but Granqvist makes €0.6M, as we mentioned before. On the other hand, if we look at the salaries given to the footballers worldwide, Granqvist holds a low salary.

Having a look at the salaries of those players who belong to the Sweden national team, players such as Antonsson or Albin Ekdal have the same or almost the same salary as Andreas Granqvist. However, in the same national team there are other players with a higher a salary. For instance: Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Kim Kallstrom.

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