Kacaniklic's salary

Alex Kacaniklic

Alex Kacaniklic has a salary of €-m and has been playing for Fulham FC side since 2012. Kacaniklic's contract expires in 2014 as the professional footballer agreed with the player a 1 year deal. On top of that, if any other club is interested in Kacaniklic, they will have to pay the sum of €- in full as release clause.

If we made a comparison between Kacaniklic's salary and the salaries that there are currently in his club, it could be said that Kacaniklic's one is at the bottom. Besides, a player like Kasami has an approximate salary. As far as the salaries in the world of football are concerned, Kacaniklic possesses a small one in comparison.

As far as the salaries in the national team are concerned, Kacaniklic has a quite similar salary to footballers like Albin Ekdal. It is worth highlighting other players that represent Sweden, have higher salaries than Kacaniklic's. It is the case of Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Kim Kallstrom.