Pirlo's salary

Andrea Pirlo

At the moment, Andrea Pirlo receives an annual salary of €3.5m up to 2014 as Pirlo's contract expires then. His current club, Juventus FC, bought the player in 1995 and established with the player the amount of €- as release clause in case that any other squad wanted the services of Pirlo.

If we pay attention to the salaries of the players who play today for Juventus FC, footballers including Llorente and Marchisio have salaries that are close to the one that Pirlo has. Llorente earns €4500000 and Marchisio earns €3000000 but Pirlo makes €3.5M, as we mentioned before. On the other hand, if we look at the salaries given to the footballers worldwide, Pirlo holds a high salary.

Players such as Balotelli or Marchisio have more or less the same salary as Pirlo, who is also part of the national team. On the contrary, other footballers like Parolo or Gabbiadini have one of the shortest salaries in the national side.

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