Yarmolenko's salary

Andriy Yarmolenko

At the moment, Andriy Yarmolenko receives an annual salary of €0.738319m up to 2015 as Yarmolenko's contract expires then. His current club, FC Dynamo Kyiv, bought the player in 2008 and established with the player the amount of €- as release clause in case that any other squad wanted the services of Yarmolenko.

Yarmolenko's salary is one of the lowest ones in his current club. Miguel Veloso and Domagoj Vida have similar salaries to Yarmolenko's. His salary is small if it is compared to the salaries of the professional players who currently are active in the world of football.

Yarmolenko, who is member of the Ukraine national football team, has a salary quite similar to those of Konoplyanka or Rulan Rotan. In fact, other players in the national team such as Tymoshchuk or Marko Devic have a salary that is at the top of the list.